We’re teaching machines to understand and communicate about mathematics in a more human way. An application of our technology is on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a tutor and math solver helping thousands of students around the world learn mathematics.

Our Product

Owl Hat is a tutor and next-level math solver at your fingertips. It solves math problems, even word problems, and helps you learn how to solve them yourself. Owl Hat handles Algebra I, Algebra II, Pre-Algebra, Basic Math, and everyday calculations, and is being expanded to handle Geometry, Financial Math, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. If you’re struggling in math class, Owl Hat might be exactly what you’ve been wishing for!

Owl Hat can solve written or printed math word problems using your phone’s camera, or a problem typed from your computer. Soon, Owl Hat will even understand your voice. Owl Hat is a calculator that keeps learning more every day. In fact, it makes you smarter, as you make it smarter. So, the more you use Owl Hat, the better it will become at solving the particular math problems that you want it to solve, and the better you’ll become at doing your math homework!

Owl Hat provides a mathematical advantage that was previously unimaginable, and math students can try it for free at

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Our team

We are mathematicians, professors, and engineers who realized that math education really needed to step up its game. As so many of the modern tutoring companies like to brag about, those students who can pay for expensive tutoring tend to do much better in mathematics now-a-days than those who can’t. As a group from a humble background who has found their calling in STEM, we don’t like that, and we believe that automation of the tutor is the answer. As Owl Hat learns, it will become a better tutor, providing robust explanations to more problems. In the not-too-distant future, we hope that Owl Hat will be providing incredibly affordable and reliable tutoring to all math students who want it, in a way that is clearer and more accurate than any tutoring being provided by a human right now.

Our Journey

We’ve silently mixed natural language processing and machine learning techniques, with graph-theoretic methods and our own in-house blend of mathematical linguistics, to create Owl Hat. We have multiple patents pending, and now that the foundation is complete, the Owl has started the main leg of his journey!

With our collective decades of academic research experience, teaching experience, and experience working in Silicon Valley tech, and with the knowledge we gain from our users, we will continue to help this Owl move in the right direction, and before long, Carmine Clifford Kuwago, the Owl Hat owl, will be one of the greatest mathematicians in the world. Before long, Carmine will be helping many millions of people automate almost all of the mathematics of their life, thus speeding them up, and helping them create things which were otherwise impossible for them to make.

The abacus transitioned to the basic calculator, the basic calculator transitioned to the graphing tools and symbolic calculators of today, and it is almost time for our sweet blue owl to lead us all to the next phase of mathematical automation.

Our Technology

Three of us are in a room. I say, “we are going to be earning $121,548 on the deal, and we’ll split it evenly among the three of us.” Siri, or Alexa, or another AI that’s typically listening then says “each of you will receive $40,516”, automatically, with no one asking. Our main engine will eventually allow any AI to automatically extract the implicit mathematics that we want from the world, so that we can have the desired answers before we ask.

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